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Friends of XIC

FOXIC (Friends of Xabia International College)
Your Friendlier Parents Association
Who are we?
We are a group of Parents and Teachers who have volunteered our time and energy into fund raising for the school, enabling us to buy ‘ extra items’ and equipment for the school and for the benefit of our children.
We are not!
We are not a bunch of ‘do gooders’ trying to make a name for ourselves. We are just happy, fun loving, parents that are fortunate to have the time to make our children’s and our Spanish school life as pleasant as possible.
(Whilst all other fabulous parents and teachers keep the wheels of industry turning)
If we can provide social activities for those parents that do not have as much time, but would still enjoy ‘get togethers’ with other ‘like minded parents’, then we are delighted to welcome all, from every nationality, and we welcome ideas for activities.
This is not about us. It is about our/your children.
What do we do?
The school's active Parents' Association provides a programme of social activities to promote fun and friendship amongst staff and families of Xabia International College. To create a social environment around XIC to allow all to meet each other at various events.  In addition, we are establishing the foundation for the future of Friends of XIC, incorporating constitution, books of account and many other forms of necessary administrative controls.
What events do we have?
Events include balls, fairs, barbecues, quiz nights coffee mornings, and family fun days...
The Association also arranges fundraising activities to provide additional resources for the school, for those ‘extra items’ around the school that fall outside of the school’s responsibility to provide our children with an education.
Alongside this, the Parents' Association also assist with refreshments at major school events.
Would you like to join us?
The Parents' Association always welcomes new members, whether new to the school or those who have been part of XIC for some time. If you do not have time to be on the committee we are grateful to all those that offer help, of any kind. Those who are interested should contact the Secretary of the Parents' Association or the school offices.
When do we meet?
The Parents' Association meets once a month during term time.
Do you want to join in too?